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Can I Change My Health Insurance Policy?

If you are contemplating any change to your State Farm® health insurance policy, we suggest that you first contact your State Farm agent who will be happy to assist you.

If, for any reason, your State Farm agent is unavailable, you may initiate a change by completing, printing, signing, and mailing or faxing the Request Letter below.

Find an Agent Near You

Or call 844-242-1899 for a quote.

Submit a Change Request

Please do not submit your actual health policy with the Request Letter.

Note: If you have a health policy through Assurant Health, please do not use this Request Letter, but contact Assurant Health at 888-853-3267 888-853-3267

Print, sign, and provide this Request Letter to your State Farm agent's office.
Mail or fax the Request Letter to the Health Operation Center listed below.

State Farm Insurance Companies
Greeley Health Operations Center
P.O. Box 339404
Greeley, CO 80633-339404
Fax: 970-395-6219

For additional information, please contact your State Farm agent.

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