Community Involvement

State Farm® Innovation in Sustainability Grant Helps Students Win Title

A high-mileage bio-diesel powered vehicle with a drive system similar to a locomotive sounds like something a bio-chemist would design. But in fact, Appleton high school students created this vehicle. It earned them a national title and an extra $3,000.

This project was one of 12 chosen to compete in the National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, Mo., June 20-25 through State Farm's Innovation in Sustainability grant program.

The students from Appleton East High School use a two-cylinder diesel engine to power a generator, which in turn maintains the battery charge to power an electric motor, which drives the car. This project was a joint effort involving various classroom subjects.

The purpose of the State Farm Innovation in Sustainability Grant Award is to stimulate student awareness and interest in their environment, and provide them with a voice to make a significant impact in their community.

SkillsUSA, a national nonprofit devoted to ensuring America has a skilled workforce, is committed to developing its members into successful leaders in their communities. This goes hand in hand with State Farm's commitment to empower youth and give all children access to a quality education.

Sustainability service projects create a connection between classroom instruction and hands-on experiences, representing real-life situations.

State Farm is very proud to support schools involved in SkillsUSA. This new grant program gives students the opportunity to work as a team to make decisions through problem-solving activities, explore and demonstrate leadership skills and simply be a part of something bigger than anything they thought possible.

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