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Diversity and Inclusion in the Community

Giving Back to Neighborhoods

State Farm is committed to helping build safer, stronger, and better-educated communities. We embrace the responsibility to give back, volunteer, and work alongside nonprofits and community groups in our neighborhoods to make the world around us better.

We respect and celebrate the differences that make us stronger. Here are a few ways we contribute:


The State Farm Companies Foundation gives charitable grants to nonprofit initiatives that help build up and meet the needs of their communities.


We believe all children deserve access to a quality education. So, we do our part to help them reach their greatest potential, become good community citizens, and prepare for the workforce.


We’ve been a safety pioneer since we opened our doors in 1922. And we’ve built on our efforts to protect customers and communities from the risks of everyday life – at home and on the road.


We work with organizations to support financial literacy programs and community development projects that build strong, economically vibrant communities.


For nearly a century, we’ve partnered with others to help improve neighborhoods across the country. We’re extending the invitation for everyone to join and volunteer to help causes that matter to them.