Customers Receive Falsified Emails from State Farm® Agents

On January 08, 2013 - State Farm Bank® customers and non-customers reported receiving a falsified email from State Farm Bank. The email usually contained the subject line "State Farm Bank® Online Banking Alert." The body of the email stated during recent account maintenance and verification procedures, an error was detected in the recipient's billing information. The email prompts the recipient to click on a link and verify online account information.

This is a common phishing attempt and is tailored to indicate it is from various financial institutions.

As a reminder, please do not disclose any personal information if requested via an unsolicited phone call or e-mail. Some examples of personal information include:

  • State Farm Bank account number(s)
  • Credit card number(s)
  • Personal Identification Number(s) (PIN)
  • Password(s)
  • Social Security Number

Examples of the email scam you may receive: