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If you are a resident of a state listed below and have an insurance product with State Farm®, the privacy notice below applies to you.

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State Farm state privacy rights information for State Farm customers.

Insurance Information and Privacy Protection

State Farm knows how much privacy means to you. So we want you to understand how we collect and disclose your personal information. We also want you to know how to exercise your right to access and correct that information.

Sources of Personal Information

Your application is the source of most of the information we have about you. We use this information to help decide whether or not a policy can be issued and for rating purposes. At times, we may need to get more information about you (and others who are to be covered) from other sources, including:

  • public records
  • consumer reporting agencies
  • doctors or hospitals
  • MIB, Inc. (Medical Information Bureau)
  • other insurance companies

These sources may be consulted to learn more about your:

  • driving record
  • employment history
  • hobbies
  • other insurance coverage
  • general reputation
  • health and medical history

Personal Information May be Disclosed

Personal or privileged information collected in connection with your insurance may be disclosed under certain circumstances without your written authorization to:

  • persons who perform a business or professional service for us, such as a lawyer or a reinsurer
  • other insurers, agents or insurance support firms to prevent fraud, material misrepresentation or material nondisclosure in connection with insurance transactions
  • health care providers to verify insurance coverage or benefits, to let you know of a health problem you may not be aware of, or to conduct an operations or services audit
  • a state insurance department
  • a law enforcement or other government authority in order to prevent or prosecute fraud, or if it is believed you have been involved in illegal actions
  • help carry out research, such as actuarial and underwriting studies, management audits, financial audits or program evaluations
  • a person who will only use the information as an aid in the marketing of a State Farm product or service
  • a State Farm affiliate in order to market its own products. Our affiliates will not share the information with persons outside State Farm
  • a group policyholder who needs the information to report claims experience or to conduct an operations or services audit

Your Right to Know Personal Information

You have the right to know what information we have about you in our records. Here is the procedure:

  1. After you submit a written request for access to recorded personal information which is reasonably locatable and retrievable, within 30 days we will:
    • inform you of the nature and substance of the information
    • permit you to see and copy, in person, the information that applies to you, or provide you with copies of this information by mail, whichever you prefer
    • provide you with the names of the persons or firms to whom such information is normally disclosed
    • provide you with a summary of the procedures by which you may request correction, amendment or deletion of the information
  2. State Farm may charge you a reasonable fee to cover the costs incurred in providing you with a copy of your information. If the information applies to reasons for an adverse underwriting decision, there will be no charge.
  3. At times, we may refer you to an insurance support firm for access to your personal information.
  4. Your access rights apply to the information collected and maintained in connection with insurance transactions. These rights do not extend to information collected in connection with a claim or a legal proceeding.

Your Right to Correct Personal Information

You have the right to correct (including by amendment or deletion) the information we have about you, according to the following procedures:

  1. Within 30 days of receiving your written request to correct your personal information in our records, State Farm will:
    • correct that part of the record that is in dispute, or
    • notify you of our refusal to make the correction, the reasons for the refusal, and your right to file a statement in protest
  2. If the recorded personal information is corrected, you will be notified in writing and the correction will be furnished to:
    • any person you have designated who may have, in the last two years, received such information
    • insurance support firms that may have regularly received such information about you from us the last seven years, if they still hold this information
    • insurance support firms from which we may have received the information that has been corrected
  3. If you disagree with a refusal to correct, amend or delete recorded personal information, you may file a concise statement setting forth:
    • what you think is the correct, relevant or fair information, and
    • the reasons why you disagree with the refusal to correct the information
  4. If you file the statement described above, State Farm will:
    • file it with the disputed personal information and provide a means by which any person reviewing the information will be made aware of the statement and have access to it
    • in any future disclosure of your personal information, clearly identify the portion that is in dispute and provide a copy of the statement that has been filed
    • send the statement to each of the three categories of persons and firms covered in the preceding point "2"
  5. Your correction rights apply to the information we collect and maintain in connection with insurance transactions. These rights do not extend to information collected in connection with a claim or a legal proceeding.

Finally, we feel you should know that insurance support firms from which we get information about you may retain copies of this information in their files and may share it with others.

The State Farm family of companies includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the companies listed below.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
State Farm General Insurance Company
State Farm Indemnity Company
State Farm Guaranty Insurance Company
Dover Bay Specialty Insurance Company
State Farm Florida Insurance Company
State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas
State Farm Lloyds
State Farm Life Insurance Company
State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company
State Farm Bank, FSB
Plaza One Realty Co.
State Farm International Services, Inc.
State Farm Investment Management Corp.
State Farm VP Management Corp.
State Farm Associates’ Funds Trust
State Farm Mutual Fund Trust
State Farm Variable Product Trust
Insurance Placement Services, Inc.
State Farm Realty Mortgage, LLC

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