Email Spam Rate

Beware of Email Spam About Rate Quotes

You may have received emails made to appear as if they were sent from State Farm®. The email includes the State Farm name and/or logo and claims to provide access to a discounted rate quote or a list of comparative rates with other insurance companies through the link provided. The link then redirects the reader to the website, "" or "," which are not affiliated with State Farm. Although State Farm does market its products online, State Farm has not contracted with "" or "" to send these unsolicited emails.

Emails from State Farm can always be identified by an address of "" You can easily discern spam or phishing emails by the return address and the "reply to address", both of which should be "". If you suspect a State Farm solicitation request to be spam, forward the email to and to your email or internet service provider.

We care about your on-line and email experience and remind you to not disclose any personally identifiable information if requested via an unsecured website, or unsolicited phone call or email.