Security Alert — 03/06/12

Falsified Emails from Company Claiming Affiliation with State Farm®

On March 6, 2012 — State Farm Bank® customers and non-customers reported receiving an email from a company representing themselves as part of State Farm. The email states that the company name is the Sinclair Patrick Loan Company, a subsidiary of State Farm. In this instance the email has incorporated an agent's name into their "company name". Customers should be advised that factual information can, and often is used fraudulently to enhance the credibility of a scam.

This is a common phishing attempt and is tailored to appear to be a legitimate affiliation with State Farm.

As a reminder, please do not disclose any personal information if requested via an unsolicited phone call or email. Some examples of personal information include:

  • State Farm Bank account number(s)
  • Credit card number(s)
  • Personal Identification Number(s) (PIN)
  • Password(s)
  • Social Security Number

If you receive such emails or notifications that are questionable, please report them to your State Farm agent or contact State Farm Bank® at 877-SF4-BANK (877-734-2265).