Contractor Locator

When your property is damaged and in need of professional repair, or you are seeking a contractor to assist with remodeling work, it is your responsibility to select a contractor that will repair your property.

The Contractor Locator page can help you identify potential service providers that manage a network of contractors who service your area, whether you have had a loss or not.

The Contractor Locator page shows contact information in alphabetical order (Contractor Network Service Provider name, phone number and website URL) for participating contractor network service providers who can assist you in identifying contractors within their network.

State Farm® does not warrant or guarantee the performance of any contractor network service provider or contractors you select.

If you have any questions, contact your State Farm agent or claim specialist.

If you intend to pursue a claim with State Farm, or need direction for how to report a claim, contact your State Farm agent or report a claim on

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