Cat medical insurance that’s simply purr-fect

Cat people are a special breed. With Trupanion®, cats and cat parents get protection to cover the unexpected.

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Why choose Trupanion?

Come one, come all

No matter what type of cat calls you its human, Trupanion coverage applies to all breeds. You’ve got one? They cover it.

No payout limits

Enjoy unlimited payouts on covered cost. Your coverage won’t be dropped no matter how many claims you file.

Rated #1 by vets

Trupanion pet insurance is the cat’s meow according to veterinarians surveyed across the country1.

Is cat insurance worth it?

Cats are notoriously independent creatures, and sometimes their curiosity gets the best of them. It's estimated that medical expenses for cats average about $343 per year2, for things ranging from the ingestion of foreign objects and urinary tract infections to accidental poisoning and more.

When a cute little fur ball named Snickers developed severe pancreatitis just 4 months after arriving at her new home, Trupanion paid over $7K in emergency hospital bills, and Snickers got the veterinary care needed to recover.

If your cat is sick or injured, having a high-quality cat insurance policy from Trupanion can help prevent your cat’s vet bills from clawing a hole in your budget.

A cat watches its human dig through her jewelry chest.
A cat watches its human dig through her jewelry chest.

How does Trupanion cat insurance work?

Trupanion strives to provide you and your furry feline with the most extensive coverage available from any pet insurance company.

Cat coverage includes:

Comprehensive pet medical coverage

Covers new or unexpected accidents, hereditary and congenital conditions and other illnesses.

Quick and easy claims

Vets with Trupanion’s direct pay software can submit your claim directly to Trupanion from their office. If you submit your own claim, Trupanion’s claim team processes about 60% of claims in just 24 hours.

Accepted by all veterinarians

Your cat insurance can be used at all licensed veterinary clinics and offices nationwide.

One simple plan

Your cat gets quality coverage with a single, high-quality, and no-nonsense coverage plan3.

Protection for your family feline that’s truly the cat’s pajamas.

Talk to an agent today about medical insurance for your cat.

Trupanion cat coverage explained3

From everyday illnesses and injuries to emergency care, hospitalization and more, your cat can get the best veterinary care with one simple high-quality plan. Pre-existing conditions are excluded, of course. Get your paws on the policy details to learn more.


If allergies, cancer, heart disease, or other serious illnesses strike your pet, you can be in a position to provide them the best possible care.

Broken bones or bite wounds can result from accidents. Your pet depends on you to help them heal such hurts.

Whether hereditary or congenital, Trupanion can help with such conditions as elbow and hip dysplasia, cherry eye, thyroid disease and other chronic issues.

Diagnostic tests, surgeries, hospital stays, or even holistic therapy as long as it’s prescribed by a licensed vet for the treatment of a covered condition are some of the medical situations covered.

Medications, prescriptions, veterinary supplements, herbal therapy and even prosthetic devices and carts are included in a Trupanion pet insurance plan.


Common questions about cat insurance

Trupanion covers eligible veterinary care expenses, based on your policy, for your cat or kitten. You are responsible for any non-eligible expenses.

Eligible veterinary care expenses include new and unexpected illnesses and injuries, hereditary and congenital conditions, diagnostic tests, surgeries, hospital stays, medications and more.

Trupanion doesn’t cover non-eligible veterinary expenses or your portion of expenses for the veterinary care based on your specific policy.

Non-eligible expenses include:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Wellness and preventive care (ex. parasite control, spay/neuter, vaccinations)
  • Exam fees3
  • Any applicable taxes3

A pre-existing condition is any illness, condition, or injury for which signs or evidence of their potential manifestation existed prior to your pet's coverage effective date. A pre-existing condition can also be an injury or recurrence of an injury that occurred prior to your pet’s coverage effective date.

No. Your coverage will not be reduced if you take your dog in for emergency care or see a specialist. You'll be reimbursed a certain percentage, based on your specific policy, for all covered claims. If you are referred to a specialist or visit an emergency hospital, you will still see reimbursement for a percentage of all eligible costs. The veterinary exam fee is your responsibility, so if you are charged a specialist fee or emergency fee, this is regarded as the same.

State Farm agents cannot file or process a claim for you. Here are your options for filing a claim:

  • Direct payments. If your vet has Trupanion’s direct pay software, the vet may file the claim on your behalf.
  • Call a Trupanion specialist. You may also file a claim by calling 855-518-1410 to speak with a claims specialist for assistance.
  • Use the Trupanion mobile app. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • File a claim online. Use Trupanion’s website at

After submitting a claim, inquiries should be directed to Trupanion at 855-518-1410 or through the online member portal. For questions, including claim status and payments, customers can contact Trupanion directly or log in to their Trupanion member portal.

Get a cat insurance quote with Trupanion

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What are some common cat diseases?

A disease can affect a cat in a variety of ways and may require on-going medical care like diagnostics, medication or even surgery. Certain breeds may be more prone to particular conditions, but it can affect a pet of any age.

3 Terms and conditions may vary by state and can be found on Trupanion’s website.


Pre-existing conditions: If you currently have a pet medical insurance policy, switching carriers or purchasing a new policy may affect certain provisions such as coverages for pre-existing conditions or deductibles already established under your current policy. Let your State Farm® agent know if your existing policy has provisions that might make it beneficial for you to keep.

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