Employers’ non-owned and hired car coverages

Stay protected when vehicles you don’t own are used for your business.

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What is employers’ non-owned car liability (ENOL) coverage?

Your employees may use their own vehicles for your business. It could be for daily sales calls or even an occasional errand. If a claim occurs and you are sued as the business owner, State Farm® ENOL can help provide you with liability coverage.

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If vehicles are hired, leased or loaned for short-term use in your business, hired car coverage can be added to extend liability.

Why your business may need ENOL or hired car coverages

Without sufficient insurance coverage, even a minor incident could have a major impact on your business. Here are some real-world examples of how ENOL and hired car coverages can help protect your business:
  • ENOL – Sam owns a stationery shop and sends her employee, Taylor, to the post office for stamps. Taylor uses his personal car, on Sam’s behalf, to run the errand.

    If Taylor causes an accident while using his vehicle for a work errand, Sam might also be liable as his employer. ENOL coverage may help protect Sam’s business if she and Taylor are sued.
  • Hired car – Sarah is a florist who owns one delivery van. Her business experiences a higher volume of deliveries each year during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

    Sarah rents additional delivery vans for short-term use to meet the higher demand during these holidays. To extend liability to the rented vehicles, she may need hired car coverage.

What ENOL and hired car covers

  • ENOL can help cover your legal costs and damages if your employee is using their auto for a business task and accidentally injures someone or damages their property.
  • On a commercial auto policy hired car liability and physical damage may be added to an ENOL policy to help provide coverage while vehicles are rented, leased or loaned to your business for short-term use.
  • On a business policy hired auto liability coverage may be added to help protect you and your employees.
Have questions? Your State Farm agent can provide more information about how these coverages may help protect your unique business.

Coverage is limited in some situations

  • Employees are not provided coverage when using their own auto, as they are responsible for purchasing personal auto coverage for their vehicles.
  • Vehicles leased or rented for long-term business use should be insured on an auto policy.
  • ENOL and hired car coverages and availability may vary by state.

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