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What to bring
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homeowners insurance quote

Not much is required to get a homeowners insurance quote. Some personal information and your address will help determine your coverage, deductible and policy cost.

  • Applicant name(s) and date of birth
  • Location address
  • Coverage start date
  • Email address
  • Number of people living in your house full-time
  • Occupancy information (how is the dwelling occupied – primary or seasonal/secondary, number of weeks occupied)
  • Any business, including child care, conducted on the premises

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Details, details, details

Details, details, details

Tell us a little more about your home sweet home – including how much coverage you want – and we’ll provide you with a more accurate quote.1

Building details

  • Year built
  • Total finished square feet
  • Number of stories
  • Solid fuel appliance
  • Detached structures

Safety features you have

  • Deadbolt locks on exterior-facing doors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire/smoke alarms
  • Burglar alarms

Your insurance history

  • Any claims for insured losses you’ve made in the past 5 years
  • Name of your most recent property insurance carrier
  • Dates of when you last had coverage

Fire protection response

  • How accessible is your home/apartment to fire service?
  • Is your home outside the city limits of the city closest to you?
  • What’s the distance to the nearest fire service?

Additional protections desired

  • Items like home computers and jewelry may require increased coverage limits

Got to take a call during the quoting process?

Got to take a call during the quoting process?

Interruptions happen. We get that. Feel free to save your homeowners insurance quote and come back to it later. We’ll even send you an email reminder.

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We’re here for questions

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your homeowners insurance quote. Our State Farm® agents are happy to help. Just call 855-980-8053855-980-8053. And don’t forget, you may save even more when you bundle other policies2 like auto insurance.

Get a homeowners insurance quote

Select a state

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1 Within the quote, State Farm makes the 360Value® Online Estimating Tool available, along with a video and instructions, if you need assistance in estimating the replacement cost of your home.

2 Customers may always choose to purchase only one policy, but the discount for two or more purchases of different lines of insurance will not then apply. Savings, discount names, percentages, availability and eligibility may vary by state.

All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements.

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