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Collector & Classic Car Insurance

Whether you lovingly rebuilt your antique auto or classic car from the ground up or you bought a perfectly restored showpiece, it's much more than a car to you. It's your passion, your pride and joy. Unlike a new vehicle, antique car appreciates in value, so its insurance differs. State Farm® can help protect it. We've offered competitively-priced quality auto insurance coverage since 1922. When your antique car was new, it may have been covered by State Farm. Who better to insure it again?

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Is your car eligible for antique car insurance coverage?

To be eligible for classic car insurance, your vehicle must fit one of the following definitions:

  • Classic car: A vehicle 10 to 24 years old that has historic interest (e.g., a hot rod or muscle car).
  • Antique car: A vehicle 25 or more years old that has historic interest. If a "classic car" is more than 25 years old, it's considered an antique car for insurance purposes.

Your antique or classic car must also meet these conditions:

  • Limited use: Your antique or classic vehicle should only be used on a very limited basis, such as infrequent pleasure driving, shows, exhibitions, club activities or parades.
  • Condition: The car (generally) must be restored, maintained and preserved in its original condition, or undergoing a restoration. Some insurers may decline if the vehicle is not in excellent condition.
  • Storage: It's required that you store your vehicle in an enclosed building.

Available coverages for your vintage car

NOTE: This is only a general description of available coverages and is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to policy provisions and applicable endorsements. For further information on antique auto and classic car insurance, see a State Farm agent to get a quote.

Classic car insurance costs

The premium you pay will be determined by factors including:

  • Agreed value: Because these unique cars have no “book value,” a value must be agreed to for the policy. The higher the value the more the policy will cover and this will affect the premium. To come to an agreement on value, you and your agent can weigh many factors like age; condition; type of car, such as kit cars.
  • Deductibles: The amount you are willing to pay as a deductible will affect your costs and raising the deductible will lower your premium.

Talk to a State Farm agent today to find out how affordable it is to protect your classic car.

More reasons to choose State Farm for classic car insurance

  • When you choose antique or classic car insurance with us, you and State Farm will agree on the value of the car. If the car experiences a total covered loss, we'll pay the agreed-upon value, rather than the actual cash value of the car as long as parts have not been removed and the car's condition has not deteriorated because of abuse or neglect.*
  • Up to $500 coverage for your car's spare parts.
  • 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service — During the day or in the middle of the night, you can call your agent's number and speak with a State Farm representative to handle your antique auto or classic car insurance needs.
  • We understand your classic car. We've been insuring collector cars for many years. In 2010, State Farm employees even created a 1968 'Split Camaro' as a teaching tool. It clearly demonstrates the difference between a vehicle fully restored to original condition and a vehicle that's been significantly modified. Learn more about the "Split Camaro."

State Farm Split Camaro to show fully restored classic vehicle verses a significantly modified oneView more images of the Split Camaro on Flickr.

*Not applicable in Massachusetts and North Carolina — Contact your State Farm agent for details.

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In the market for a classic car? Here's the buyer's guide you need.

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