Steer Clear®: A helpful guide for newer drivers

Young drivers need a lot of time and practice to develop safe, defensive driving skills as well as confidence behind the wheel. This safety training program is designed to help newer drivers learn and practice safe driving habits. If your household includes a driver under the age of 25, you could earn a deduction on your policy premium if the driver completes the program.1

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Getting started

Complete the 5 modules listed below

Module 1: Getting ready to drive

We’re here to help you hit the road quickly. Let’s get you started.

Lesson 1: Car basics
Video 1: Car Parts and Safety FeaturesVideo 2: Car Maintenance
Lesson 2: Making adjustments
Video 1: Adjusting the Driver’s SeatVideo 2: Adjusting the Steering WheelVideo 3: Adjusting the MirrorsVideo 4: Adjusting the Seat Belts

Module 2: Focus and distraction

Learn about the most common distractions and how to help prevent them.

Lesson 1: Managing distractions
Video 1: What is distracted driving?
Lesson 2: Impaired driving
Video 1: Don’t Drink and DriveVideo 2: Drowsy Driving
Lesson 3: Scanning for hazards
Video 1: Watch for HazardsVideo 2: Proper Scanning

Module 3: Residential and city roads

While you can’t control others’ actions, you can manage your own reactions.

Lesson 1: Sharing the road
Video 1: Communicating with Other DriversVideo 2: Anticipate the Behavior of Other Drivers
Lesson 2: Starting, stopping and backing up
Video 1: Starts and Stops
Lesson 3: Managing parking lots
Video 1: Entering and Exiting Parking Lots
Lesson 4: Navigating intersections
Video 1: Residential IntersectionsVideo 2: Busy Intersections

Module 4: Highway Driving

Merging onto a busy interstate is one of the more stressful lessons we learn.

Lesson 1: Entering and exiting highways
Video 1: Successful Highway Merging
Lesson 2: Managing speed and distance
Video 1: Speed ManagementVideo 2: Create a Space Cushion on All Four Sides
Lesson 3: Staying in your lane
Video 1: Maintaining Lane Position
Lesson 4: Changing lanes and managing blind spots
Video 1: Changing LanesVideo 2: Blind Spots

Module 5: Special driving situations

Let’s take a look at some special circumstances and safer ways to drive in them.

Lesson 1: Driving after sundown
Video 1: Driving at Night
Lesson 2: Driving in stormy weather
Video 1: Driving in Bad Weather
Lesson 3: Driving in the country
Video 1: Driving in Rural Areas
Lesson 4: Handling emergencies
Video 1: Emergency Vehicles and Car TroubleVideo 2: Handling Emergencies

Modules complete: Next steps

Finished with the course? Here’s what to do.

Looking for more teen safe driving tips?

Learn about teaching a teen to drive

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1 Discount names, percentages, availability and eligibility may vary by state. California customers may be eligible for the Inexperienced Driver Safety Education discount.

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