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State Farm® Collector Car

The Vehicle Research team at State Farm has taken training to a one-of-a-kind level, by building a "Split Camaro." A 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS convertible was built as a half-and-half, split-personality car for training purposes.

The idea of the car came to life in 2005, to create two training aids: a fully restored vehicle and a modified vehicle. The restored side in yellow was built back to its factory specifications, with a few minor modifications used as teaching points. The modified side in red represents what a person might build in their garage at home, with inexact repairs and plans to drive and enjoy the car.

In addition to serving as an eye-catching car-show display piece, this car was built by State Farm employees who enjoy restoring cars and have fun working on them, both personally and professionally. Antique and Classic automobiles are insured on an agreed value basis, meaning that the insured and State Farm agree on the value of the car in the event of a total loss. Watch this video to see the opportunity State Farm's Earl Hyser had to illustrate the impact of modifications on insurance rates and vehicle value.

Split Camaro Images

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