Innovation Research

The 485 Think Lab

It's about a simple principle: An idea nurtured — no matter the environment — will transform.

It will grow and advance. It will replicate. It will be tested, succeed...and fail. It will transform again. An idea nurtured will develop - transforming ideas into motion; transforming motion into progress and progress into business opportunities and partnerships which enhance everyday living.

485 is high-level collaborative ideation. It's a key partnership with the foremost researchers, experts, corporations, economists, educators, idealists, and futurists - authorities in innovation, technology, and life-forward thinking. 485 is the ever-building trust of ideas in motion, developing real-world solutions which drive everyday living.

An idea nurtured - no matter the environment - will transform. 485 is that evolution in auto, home, life, and financial solutions...the ideas and real-world technology which shifts consumer experience and business boundaries forward.

Innovation Providing Value

485 provides product design, development, and consultation services.

Partnering Big Ideas

The 485 process is about collaborative ideation and advancement.

Our Process

The 485 process begins with our primary vision.