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Labs @ State Farm®

Our vision

We will transform and disrupt the present to accelerate our future. Learn how we invest in companies that disrupt convention and find better ways to help.

Technology inspired auto insurance

HiRoad logo

HiRoad delivers telematics-based auto insurance that rewards car owners for their good driving behaviors in cost savings.

Blue Owl logo

BlueOwl was established as a tech start-up and is building the technology, data, and product solutions utilized by HiRoad.

Where ideas are incubated

Mobility & Transportation

Develop offerings that safely enable movement of people or goods.

Senior Living

Offer seniors a suite of products and services that improve their lives.


Add value to the homeowner and renter experience through telematics and technology.


Use the enhanced security and transparency of Blockchain to better serve customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Implement AI to streamline and improve capabilities for employees and customers.

Model Lifecycle

Accelerate our risk modeling to deliver positive changes for customers faster.

Aerial Data Insights (including Drones)

Use aerial imagery and technology to advance the ways we serve customers.

Computer Vision

Identify products that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and help customers.

Parametric Insurance

Fill gaps in insurance by covering severe, low-frequency, and unprotected risks.

Quantum Computing

Research quantum computing and find solutions that enhance our capabilities.

Research & Development Center | University of Illinois

This internship program provides interns with real world projects that empower them to interact, innovate, and influence.

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We're hiring

Work with us and develop new ways to help customers.