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Administrative Support Careers
administrative support careers
Administrative support careers at State Farm® provide vital support for every department. Click here for more information on how you can apply.
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Administrative Support Careers

Make a Career with a Community

Administrative Support careers at State Farm® are the backbone of every department. With unmatched attention to detail and an ability to take care of others better than anyone, our Support staff empowers teams to focus on business goals that help our customers manage risks.

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Administrative Support Career Insights

Our Administrative Support co-workers handle a lot of different responsibilities, like: case management, policy changes, researching account histories, resolving issues, solving problems, and so much more. From preparing reports or records to managing correspondence and schedules – administrative careers deliver busy and fulfilling work days.

Opportunities in Administrative Support roles exist in every State Farm department.

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Reasonable Accommodation Assistance

If you need assistance during the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting Career Center Support or your State Farm® contact.

State Farm is an equal opportunity employer.