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Human Resources and Training Careers
human resources and training careers, hr careers
Click here to find out more about HR careers at State Farm, including human resources and training careers and careers in health services.
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Human Resources & Training Careers

Find a Career You Can Believe In

Our Human Resources (HR) and Training teams focus on attracting, recruiting, and strengthening skilled, high-performing employees. We also manage policies and programs designed to keep our workforce motivated and committed to helping others.

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Human Resources Career Insights

HR jobs across the Company also support: employee benefits and compensation, data and analytics, employee relations, talent management, credit union, and more. Each area requires both professional and support-level roles for the business. 

Another important part of HR is to encourage employee health. We empower employees to Live Well, Be Well – helping them stay healthy and well is a top priority for our Employee Health Services team. Positions such as Occupational Health Nurse and Medical Assistant promote an understanding of wellness programs, benefits, policies and resources, and also provide on-site medical emergency coverage as needed.

Training Career Insights

Our Learning and Development (L&D) team’s purpose is to ensure learning at State Farm® is simple, effective, of the highest quality, and helps achieve business results. L&D serves as a trusted advisor, thought leader, and experience creator. 

We help increase leadership and employee capabilities and understanding through creative and engaging development solutions.

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Reasonable Accommodation Assistance

If you need assistance during the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting Career Center Support or your State Farm® contact.

State Farm is an equal opportunity employer.