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Auto Claims Internship Testimonial

Hear from real intern Raymond about his experience with an auto claims internship at State Farm®.

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Meet Our Interns - Raymond

"There is a true love for people within this organization, and you have a chance to take advantage of that as a college intern."

Auto Claims
Major: Risk Mgmt. & Insurance
School: University of North Texas
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Best thing about the internship

Being able to see the State Farm enterprise as a whole; seeing all the different systems and operations of the company, and the various arms that State Farm has in the market.

Greatest memory of the internship program

There are many to choose from, but one of my greatest memories from the internship was a presentation of our intern project to Department Executives. We were given the opportunity to develop creative and innovative ideas that can help make a difference in State Farm.

Biggest challenge for you

The biggest challenge I faced this summer was operating in such a large organization, and learning to work with people from all walks of life. There are so many leaders in this great company, and being one myself, I had to learn that in order to be a great leader I had to first learn how to follow.

Most surprising thing you've learned about State Farm

The many departments there are to work in. State Farm is such a huge enterprise, I knew that claims and agency could not be all State Farm had to offer, but I would have never thought of many different opportunities presented to employees inside this great organization.

One suggestion for incoming interns

Don't be afraid to get out and meet people, call up some executives. People admire and respect interns here at State Farm, don't be shy. I was given the opportunity to meet the local Operations Vice President, because I picked up the phone and called.

Reasonable Accommodation Assistance

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