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Fire Claims Internship Testimonial

Hear from real intern Rochelle about his experience with a fire claims internship at State Farm®.

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Meet Our Interns - Rochelle

"This internship will be exactly what you put into it. Try to get involved and see everything that you can."

Fire Claims
Major: Marketing
School: University of Texas
Hometown: Weatherford, Texas

Best thing about the internship

People here don't treat you like an intern. You will be working on projects that are relevant to the company and they really want your honest perspective. I really found it refreshing to give my perspective and know that executives would listen and utilize the information I gave them.

Greatest memory of the internship program

The Founder's Day Celebration at the onset of the summer was fantastic. I got to interact with so many different people in the company away from the traditional office environment.

Biggest challenge for you

My biggest challenge, was trying to gather all of the information I could from the many different people I met.

Most surprising thing you've learned about State Farm

Before the internship, I was really unaware of how many customers State Farm has. After sitting with different departments that interact with customers I soon realized their customer service is unsurpassed. They treat their policyholders fairly and at the end of the day they are able to keep that customer.

One suggestion for incoming interns

This internship will be exactly what you put into it. Try to get involved and see everything that you can. If you are really curious about one aspect of State Farm, ask someone if you can sit with that department. Once you get to the department, don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone here is more than willing to help you understand about the company because they want you to excel.

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