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Driver Feedback™

Three of the riskiest driving behaviors involve accelerating, braking, and cornering (ABC's). State Farm created Driver Feedback (DF) for drivers of all ages – from new drivers just starting out to seasoned professionals – to improve in these areas.

  • This free app uses your phone's accelerometer to measure and score your ABC's. No plug in required!
  • Tips are given based on your scores to help improve your driving habits.

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What's New

  • Now you can compare two of your trips to see how you're doing, and share your trip scores. Go on, brag about it!


  • Easy to use for drivers of all ages.
  • Now you can export trip data for import into DF or Driver Feedback Instructor Edition (DFIE).
  • Earn badges as your scores improve.


For technical assistance call 888-559-1922, available 24/7.

Do You Teach Driver's Ed?

Try our Driver Feedback Instructor Edition!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use the app?

Record a few trips to find your current average score. Record a few more trips and try to improve that score. The higher the number the better your driving. Compare your scores with parents, friends or your own previous drives to see how high you can score. Set your own goals, you may be surprised how much you can improve.

We Want to Hear From You

Share ideas for application enhancements through the comments feature in the app store, or visit the State Farm Twitter and Facebook pages.

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If you are concerned about State Farm collecting driver or trip information recorded from the app, State Farm doesn't collect that information.