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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration*, three of the riskiest driving behaviors are hard acceleration, hard deceleration and hard swerves. We built State Farm Driver Feedback to help drivers of all ages improve in these areas.

Accelerometer recording technology measures your acceleration, braking and cornering. You're given a score for each, as well as helpful tips to take your driving to the next level.

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  • Record driving using your device's accelerometer and GPS location
  • View all alerts in a list view or overlaid on a map
  • Compare two trips against each other
  • Send trip results via email and SMS
  • Support for multiple users


For technical assistance, 24 hours a day, contact us at: 888-559-1922.

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Share ideas for application enhancements through the comments feature in the app store, or visit the State Farm Twitter and Facebook pages.


If you are concerned about State Farm collecting driver or trip information recorded from the app, State Farm doesn't collect that information.

*Klauer, S.G. Dingus, T.A., Neale, V.L. Sudweeks, J.D., and Ramsey, D.J.

"Comparing Real-World Behaviors of Drivers With High versus Low Rates of Crashes and Near-Crashes," February 2009.

**GPS support not available for iPod Touch users.