Retirement Planning for All of Life's Stages

Your retirement should be 100% enjoyment and 0% doubt about your retirement plan. We'll help you get ready.

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Start Planning

It's always the right time to start retirement planning.

Start now. Save more.

Build Toward Your Goals

Stay on track for a retirement life you can enjoy.

Let's build together.

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Anticipate Retirement

Get ready. Retirement is just around the corner.

Optimize your assets.

Enjoy Your Retirement

Help your retirement planning pay off.

Create a plan and protect what you have.

Retirement FAQ

What's the Difference Between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA?

For information on the differences between IRA types, see Traditional and Roth IRA Comparison.

What Are the Tax Penalties for Early Withdrawal From an IRA?

The law imposes a 10% tax penalty on early withdrawals. Additionally, you incur a tax penalty for withdrawing your money before you turn 59 1/2, unless your withdrawal meets one of the standard exceptions.

What is the Annual Deadline for Contributing to My Traditional or Roth IRA?

You can make annual contributions to a Traditional or Roth IRA from January 1 until the tax-filing deadline for the contribution year, which is usually April 15.


Neither State Farm® nor its agents provide tax or legal advice.

A 10 percent tax penalty may apply for withdrawals from tax-qualified products before age 591/2.