Drive Safe & Save™ with In-Drive®

It pays to be a good driver. Drive Safe & Save with In-Drive lets you keep track of your driving mileage – and the safer you drive, the more you'll save on auto insurance. Plus, In-Drive comes with helpful tools, like Family Driver Monitoring, making it easier to drive safely.

Sign up and you'll receive the easy-to-install In-Drive devices, compatible with most vehicles made in 1996 or after. If your vehicle is already equipped with OnStar or SYNC, you may not need In-Drive to participate in the program.

Remember, if you're not already covered with State Farm® Auto Insurance, you can get a quote, or talk to an agent today.

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Enroll in Drive Safe & Save

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Getting Started with In-Drive

Step 1: Enroll

  • Log in to your State Farm account and register online.
  • Or, call your State Farm agent to enroll over the phone. Not a State Farm policyholder? Get a quote today.

Step 2: Get In-Drive

  • Your In-Drive devices will be sent in the mail. When the package ships, your subscription begins.
  • Installation is easy, using the instructions below.

Step 3: Start Saving

  • Receive an initial 5%* discount when you sign up for Drive Safe & Save.
  • At each policy renewal, discover the extent of your discounts, with a discount up to 50%*.

Installing In-Drive in Your Vehicle

Installing In-Drive Is Easy

Once you receive your In-Drive devices, follow these simple steps:

  1. Plug the In-Drive Communicator into your vehicle's onboard diagnostic port (usually located under the dashboard).
  2. Attach the Visor Clip onto the driver's side visor.
  3. Locate the quick enroll number printed on the shipping box.
  4. Confirm In-Drive installation by calling 888-665-9901. The person whose name is on the box must make the call.

In-Drive FAQs

What vehicles are eligible for Drive Safe & Save with In-Drive?

Most 1996 or newer vehicles that are not equipped with OnStar or mbrace are eligible for this program. (OnStar-equipped vehicles may be eligible for Drive Safe & Save with OnStar.)

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*Discounts and savings may not be available or may vary by state, coverages selected, program eligibility, mileage driven and driving characteristics.