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Our boat insurance can help protect you against the risks of owning and operating your boat, its motor, and the trailer. On top of that, boat insurance may provide coverage against liability lawsuits and medical payments. Talk with a State Farm® agent about the specifics and to get a rate.

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Boat Insurance: What’s Covered?

Physical Damage

Insure your boat against damage and loss caused by common risks, such as sinking, fire, storms, theft, and collision. The property usually covers the boat hull, boat motor(s), described boat equipment, and the boat trailer if requested.

Property Coverage Examples

  • Boat, motor, trailer
  • Equipment permanently attached to the boat
  • Anchors
  • Oars
  • Electric trolling motors
  • Extra fuel tanks
  • Tools
  • Detachable canopies
  • Seat cushions
  • Life preserves
  • Ski and their tow ropes
  • Dinghies

Our boat insurance policy provides for replacement cost coverage on repairs. Total loss claims are settled based on policy coverage limits.

Types of Boats We Insure

  • Runabout/Sport Boats
  • Cruiser/Yachts
  • Sailboats
  • Bass Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Houseboats
  • Kayak/Canoes

Types of Perils We Insure Against

  • Sinking
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Storms
  • Collision
  • Capsizing
  • Explosion
  • Stranding

Boat Liability Insurance Coverage

Boat liability insurance offers coverage if your boat causes injury to others or damage to other boats, docks, or structures. Injury or damage can be due to direct contact with your vessel or situations caused by your vessel, like large wakes. Boat liability coverage may provide protection against lawsuits, including the payment of settlements and legal fees.

Additional Coverages

Additional coverages are automatically included in your base contract. If you have questions or other insurance needs, contact your agent to find out what options are available to you.

Newly Acquired Boat

Covers your newly acquired watercraft for damage caused by an insured loss, subject to policy conditions.

Temporary Repairs

If damage is caused by a loss insured, we cover reasonable repairs incurred to protect covered property from further damage.

Emergency Service

Pays up to a certain amount for reasonable costs that you incur resulting from specified emergency service to your boat, motor, or boat trailer. Please reference your policy for details.

Wreck Removal

Pays the reasonable expense you incur for any attempted or actual raising, removal, or destruction of the wreck of your boat when damage is caused by an insured loss and removal or destruction is required by law.

Optional Coverages

In July 2018, new optional coverage endorsements were introduced.  Optional overages are available to help meet your individual boating needs.

Boat Rental Liability

Provides you with peace of mind that you have proper liability insurance when driving a rental boat on a short-term basis, such as a vacation.

Boat Rental Reimbursement and Liability

If your boat is being repaired because of damage that’s covered by your insurance policy, Boat Rental Reimbursement will help pay the cost to rent a boat. You’ll also have the proper liability insurance while driving the rental.

Boat Rented to Others

The Boat Rented to Others Endorsement can help pay for property damage, injury and liability claims made against you if your boat is in an accident when rented to others when rented for personal, non-business use.

Fishing Tournament Fee Reimbursement

If you’re unable to participate in a fishing tournament due to a covered loss to the boat, an auto accident involving the towing vehicle en route, or a family emergency, the Fishing Tournament Fee Reimbursement endorsement will reimburse you for non-refundable entry fees.

Incidental Commercial Fishing

Extends your property and liability insurance if your boat is used for incidental commercial fishing. Business liability is limited to watercraft liability.

Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft Coverage

Uninsured watercraft insurance helps pay your medical expenses if you're in an accident caused by an owner or operator who doesn't have boat liability insurance or has inadequate liability coverage limits.

How Much Is Boat Insurance?

The best way to lower your boat insurance premiums is to become a safer boater. For example, you could earn a discount by completing an approved boating safety course. Talk to a State Farm agent to find the discounts available to you.

Need coverage for other items?

Talk to your agent about a Personal Articles Policy to cover items not included in the Boat policy.

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