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Asian American and Pacific Islander relationships

State Farm® and its community relationships support Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities in an effort to improve safety, education, and financial literacy.

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Asian Americans Advancing Justice

The Asian Americans Advancing Justice is one of the leading legal organizations that works to advance the human and civil rights of Asian Americans through advocacy, public policy, and public education. AAAJ also provides State Farm with outreach opportunities to the organization's affiliate members across the country.

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Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies

State Farm works with APAICS to help develop the next generation of AAPI elected officials. APAICS provides State Farm opportunities to network with AAPI members of Congress and appointed officials. With State Farm, APAICS conducts the non-partisan APAICS Leadership Academy which trains elected officials that wish to run for higher office.

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Japanese American Citizens League

State Farm works with JACL, the largest and oldest national AAPI civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, to help improve opportunities for Japanese Americans and Asian Americans.

We've worked with JACL's Youth Leadership Summits to raise high school and college student awareness of managing personal finances.

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Organization of Chinese Americans

We work with OCA, one of the largest and most influential national AAPI organizations that helps advance the social, political, and economic well-being of AAPIs. We support Youth Summits for high school students, APIA U: Leadership 101 for college student leaders at campuses, and the JACL/OCA Leadership Summit for adults. Our programs include financial education and professional development.

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Organization of Chinese Americans

Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

We work with Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC), a national organization that advances the interests of Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese Americans to empowering communities through advocacy, leadership development, and capacity-building. Our programs include leadership advocacy training and financial education.

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