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State Farm Education Assist®

The State Farm Education Assist program provides funding to colleges, universities and non-profits to help meet the needs of underserved students. Through this community-based program, an integrated suite of services supports post-secondary pathways helping students successfully obtain skill development critical for long-term economic security.

Georgia State University

The Learning, Income and Family Transformation (LIFT) program launched in April 2017. LIFT focuses on the success of students at GSU's Decatur campus of Perimeter College. LIFT tracks student progress to identify and proactively provide the help needed to overcome a variety of educational obstacles.

Core program elements
  • High School Student Success Programs
  • State Farm® Scholar Program
  • Community College Based Student Advisory Services
  • Career and Workforce Development

Arizona State University

Pathways for the Future (PFF) launched in February 2020. It is geared toward high school, community college and university students, as well as lifelong learners already in the workforce who are interested in new and evolving jobs of the future.

Core program elements
  • Curriculum and certificate program development.
  • Financial support through scholarships, bridge programs, and emergency grants.
  • Updated transfer tools and a career assessment tool redesign.
  • Pathways Career Transitions and Success Center provides coaching and advisement.