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Employee Benefits
employee benefits, state farm employee benefits
Learn about our employee benefits and pay package that includes: performance pay, paid time off, and wellness programs.
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Employee Benefits

Outstanding employee benefits.

State Farm® employees work hard, so we're not afraid to offer benefits you can be proud of. On top of enjoying where and how we work together, catch a glimpse at the top employee benefits.

Check out our full-time and part-time summaries for an overview.


Get competitive pay and feel rewarded for a job well done.

Time Off

Enjoy paid time off options to help you rest up or treat yourself.

Health & Welfare

Opt in for medical, dental, life, and other options for you.

Planning & Retirement

Set goals and work toward the retirement lifestyle you want.


Learn, adapt, and grow professionally and personally.


Relax within an environment that allows you to be ... you.

Tuition Aid

Get some added help as you push yourself to learn and grow.

The rewards highlighted here are not all-inclusive of the State Farm Total Rewards employee benefits program. Total Rewards offerings may be added, changed, or removed at any time. Program offerings may differ for part-time employees.

State Farm definitely invests in your development.

Reasonable Accommodation Assistance

If you need assistance during the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting Career Center Support or your State Farm® contact.

State Farm is an equal opportunity employer.