State Farm® Condo Unitowners Quote Checklist

What You Will Need

Below is a list of information required to get a quote. You have the option to save your progress at any point during the quote process and continue your quote later.

Get a Condo Quote

Your Information

  • Applicant name(s) and date of birth
  • Location address
  • Coverage start date
  • Email address
  • Number of people living in your house full-time
  • Occupancy information (how is dwelling occupied – primary or seasonal/secondary, number of weeks occupied)
  • Any business, including child care, conducted on premises
  • Coverage amount (personal property)

Your Home

  • Safety features (deadbolt locks, fire extinguisher, sprinkler system, fire or smoke alarm, burglar alarm)
  • Insurance history (any losses in last 5 years, most recent property insurance carrier, dates of coverage)
  • Fire protection questions - if home is outside city limits (fire service and accessibility type questions)

Your Quote

  • Coverage amounts
  • Additional protections (other coverages such as increased limit for home computers and jewelry)

Benefits of using State Farm Condo owners Insurance

Need Help?

There are a couple options on how you can receive help throughout the process.

Save and Continue Later

You can save your quote at any point during the process and come back to it later.

Have Questions?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® We offer the ability to select and contact an agent during the quote process (855-980-8053).

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