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Better Educated Communities

At State Farm® our mission is to help people. We believe education is critical for healthy, vibrant communities and believe all youth deserve an education that will help them reach their greatest potential. Our support goes to programs that provide today’s youth with the tools and resources which help them achieve life skills and an education, equipping them for future opportunities and helping them realize their dreams.

Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Initiative

At State Farm® our mission is to help people realize their dreams. We believe it is critical to invest in our youth who will help shape our tomorrow. Our STEM initiative was crafted to help those youth realize their dreams. STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in contexts that make connections between school, community, work, and the global enterprise enabling the development of STEM literacy and with it the ability to compete in the new economy. (Tsupros, 2009) The State Farm® STEM program is a partnership between State Farm, Community, school administrators/teachers and students to build relationships, engaging students in technology, providing mentoring opportunities and creating excitement/awareness of IT careers.

State Farm's Role in Supporting STEM is:

  • Actively developing students to become lifelong learners who are prepared for STEM fields and contribute to a dynamic global society.
  • Help the local community to nurture students' creativity and spark imagination, while teaching them to learn from failures.
  • Through mentoring, provide a broad range of industry knowledge as well as technical knowledge through our partnerships with other companies/vendors.
  • In the spirit of working within the communities we live, State Farm® maintains a STEM presence in all of our major hubs (Bloomington, Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix).

Impacting Education

At State Farm our mission is to help people. Our culture is designed around being in every community where we live, work and serve. State Farm has a long history of helping to build stronger, safer and better educated communities. We believe education is critical for healthy, vibrant communities.

  • State Farm recognizes the vital role education can have on an individual’s long-term financial security, especially in today’s changing labor market. State Farm works with organizations which provide students with support networks and resources which help students successfully transition from high school, to college and to career. (Education Assist®, National Urban League, YouthBuild, 100 Black Men of America)
  • State Farm recognizes the importance of having the needed tools and resources to support positive and effective learning environments. State Farm supports initiatives which help both teachers and students obtain critical supplies, tools and resources to support academic endeavors. These resources also include developmental opportunities for teachers, helping equip them for today’s changing classroom. (, SkillsUSA, Teach for America, Back to School Drives, etc.)
  • State Farm recognizes the power of education while also recognizing the numerous obstacles so many students and families face today. Support of financial literacy training, scholarships, and emergency grants provide students with avenues to pursue academic pathways. (State Farm Scholarships, Junior Achievement, Financial Literacy workshops, Education Assist, Financial Opportunity Centers.)

Education Grants

Find out if you can qualify for grants we provide through partner organizations to support education and service-learning programs.