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About Me:

  • Focusing on Real Estate Closings
  • Staff has 90 years of combined office experience
  • UCLA / Mathematics - Computer Science / BA

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Everyone loves saving money. Customize a coverage plan that helps protect what’s important to you – family, things and your bottom line. From safe driving rewards, bundling options and discounts*, Bill Cohen can help you create a solution that’s right for you.

Prices are based on rating plans that may vary by state. Coverage options are selected by the customer, and availability and eligibility may vary.
*Customers may always choose to purchase only one policy, but the discount for two or more purchases of different lines of insurance will not then apply. Savings, discount names, percentages, availability and eligibility may vary by state.

Auto Insurance

Buckle up with State Farm, and get auto insurance in Menlo Park, CA that fits your needs. You’ve got plenty of options — from collision and comprehensive to rental and rideshare. If you need more than an auto policy for the family, we provide car insurance coverage for new drivers, business travelers, collectors, and more. Not to mention, State Farm is the largest auto insurance provider in the U.S.1 You could even save more by combining the purchase of auto and home policies.

Bill Cohen in Menlo Park, CA will help you get your Personal Price Plan for auto insurance. It’s fast and easy!

1. Ranking and data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, based on direct premiums written as of 2018.

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Homeowners Insurance

Protect your largest investment from unexpected events life may throw your way with State Farm® Homeowners Insurance in Menlo Park, CA. So, what’s covered?1 Your home insurance ensures you can repair or replace your home, as well as the items you value. Personal property is covered even if you're on vacation, running errands or holding items in storage. More homeowners choose State Farm as their home insurance company over any other insurer.2

Bill Cohen in Menlo Park, CA will help you get started after you complete a homeowners insurance online quote. It’s fast and easy!

1. Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered property and covered losses.
2. Data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence and State Farm Archive.

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Renters Insurance

Renters insurance, also known as apartment insurance, covers your personal property — like computers, TVs, electronics, bicycles, furniture, and clothing — both inside and away from your apartment or other home that you may rent. Renters’ insurance coverage1 even extends to personal property in your car. Renters insurance typically covers losses to your personal property caused by fire, smoke damage, sudden and accidental covered water damage, thefts, burglaries, vandalism or vehicle damage.

1. Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered property and covered losses.

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Personal Articles

Do you have important treasures like collectibles, jewelry, sports equipment, and others? Your homeowners or renters insurance policy may limit coverage on some of your most valuable items. Make sure your valuables are protected with a Personal Articles Policy in Menlo Park, CA. A State Farm® Personal Articles Policy can even provide personal property coverage1 worldwide (perfect for vacations) in case of theft, accidental damage, or loss.

Want more information? Ask Bill Cohen in Menlo Park, CA about a personal property insurance quote.

1. Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered property and covered losses.

Call or email an agent for a personal articles insurance quote.

Business Insurance

Whether your business is just starting, growing or maturing, State Farm will provide you with smart options for business insurance in Menlo Park, CA. Your insurance for business may include1 a business owners policy, commercial auto policy, individual health policy or even workers’ compensation. Like you, our agents are small business owners who know the importance of developing a plan for continued financial security. We know your business means everything to you. As it grows, make sure you have the right business insurance products for your business.

Work with Bill Cohen in Menlo Park, CA to get a small business insurance quote and choose what products are right for you.

1. Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered property and covered losses.

Call or email an agent for a small business insurance quote.

Life Insurance

Whether the death benefit helps your beneficiary pay housing costs, maintain a current standard of living, or helps pay for your children’s education, State Farm® life insurance helps your life's moments live on. Help secure the future of your family with a term, whole, or universal life policy. You have choices, and we have policies to fit nearly every need and budget.

By-the-way. If you thought you that you could not qualify for life insurance, Guaranteed Issue Final Expense is now available. The death benefit can help with final expenses, including funeral, burial costs, medical bills, cremation, or other debt.

Bill Cohen in Menlo Park, CA will help you get started after you complete a life insurance online quote.

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Health Insurance

As you experience changes in your life, your health insurance coverage should adjust as well. Let State Farm help you find the right policy for health insurance in Menlo Park, CA. We offer a variety of affordable supplemental health, Medicare supplement, or individual medical coverage plans. You may even protect your paycheck with disability insurance to help cover monthly expenses.

Work with Bill Cohen in Menlo Park, CA to get a health insurance quote and choose a plan designed to fit the needs of a family, individual, or senior citizen.

Start your hospital income online insurance quote.

Pet Insurance

StateFarm Trupanion

When your pets need medical attention, the last thing you should worry about is cost. Unfortunately, many pet owners find themselves facing tough decisions about their dog or cat’s care. We’re here to help. State Farm works with Trupanion® – a leader in high-quality pet medical insurance – to make it easier for pet owners to care for their furry family members.

Want more information? Ask Bill Cohen in Menlo Park, CA about a pet medical insurance quote.

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About Me:

  • Focusing on Real Estate Closings
  • Staff has 90 years of combined office experience
  • UCLA / Mathematics - Computer Science / BA

Our Mission:

Our mission is to enable our customers to make decisions that will help them to sucessfully manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unthinkable and realize their dreams. We help our customers plan for the just in case and strategize for the what could be. We protect family, future and goals as a team.

Our Team:

Team Member Profile Photo Edgar Lira
Edgar Lira
Lic#: 0M11446
Edgar, our Spanish speaker, has a passion for soccer and his family. Like on the soccer field, he is looking at the whole field to help make sure you don't have any gaps or concerns. He is our commercial insurance captain so call him today to discuss your Business Insurance needs. Help make sure no red cards are headed your way. He also loves to discuss motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance, RV insurance, motor home insurance, umbrella policies, etc.
Team Member Profile Photo Erin Magana
Erin Magana
Lic#: 0L73449
Hello there! My name is Erin and I started in the office 5 years ago in April! I love being a welcoming and friendly face in the office. I am licensed to help with Homeowners, Renters, Auto, Life, Business Insurance, and Property/Casualty. I live locally and attended California Culinary Institute and Professional Culinary Institute. Some of the organizations I am involved with are the Milpitas High Marching Band Boosters and the Second Harvest Food Bank. Also, I have a miniature potbelly pig!
Team Member Profile Photo Genesis Edwards
Genesis Edwards
Lic#: 4150650
Nice to meet you! I am Genesis and I have 19.5 years of experience in the claims department. I started working on the team as the Office Manager in August 2021. Some of the products I can help you with are Auto, Business, Homeowners, and Property/Casualty. I bring stability, leadership, and kindness to my job. I am a University of LA-Monroe graduate and involved in the PTA and AAU organization. I have a dog, love to cook and travel. Call me for an insurance chat today.
Team Member Profile Photo Hannah Fowler
Hannah Fowler
Lic#: 0M81762
Hannah has over 10 years of insurance experience. Hannah enjoys the outdoor life and traveling in the United States. National Parks are her favorite. Let her know your favorite so she knows where to go next. She is on the look out for discounts. She is available by text, email or phone call.
Team Member Profile Photo Jacqueline Hephinger
Jacqueline Hephinger
Lic#: 0F19272
Bay Area native Jacqueline can provide you with the fastest quotes in the insurance industry this side of the Sacramento River. She loves to conduct comprehensive life insurance reviews. Call her today and have your insurance package quoted on an easy-to-read spreadsheet.
Team Member Profile Photo Jim Vincent
Jim Vincent
Lic#: 0C28021
Jim has over 25 years of insurance experience. Auto insurance quotes and homeowner's insurance quotes are his jam. He is also a wiz at personal articles policies and personal liability umbrella policies. If you want to go over your insurance discounts or have an insurance review, Jim is ready for you! When he has days off, you can see him at the local theme park. If you have a favorite ride, Jim would love to hear about it.
Team Member Profile Photo Josh Cohen
Josh Cohen
Office Representative
Lic#: 0F31392
Our Office Manager. He conducts complementary insurance reviews for State Farm customers. He provides comprehensive insurance proposals. He takes care of customers with the utmost care and professionalism.
Team Member Profile Photo Judy Stice
Judy Stice
Lic#: 0K21839
Judy enjoys long walks and gardening. Her green thumb helps her to discuss coverages helping make sure you have the right plan. She is here to answer questions you have about insurance and how coverages work. Out of state transfer to the area or just shopping around, let Judy help you out. Just as she loves helping make sure her garden is planted right, she also loves helping make sure insurance plans have the right coverages. Auto insurance or Renter's insurance, giver her a call!
Team Member Profile Photo Lois Giannoni
Lois Giannoni
Lic#: 0H46462
Lois has been with our Menlo Park office since April 1st, 2011 and she has an amazing sense of humor. She provides free flood insurance quotes and earthquake insurance quotes. She also loves to provide auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance quotes for free as well. Be prepared to provide your VIN number with vegetable names. She provides comprehensive insurance packages on professionally prepared spreadsheets.
Team Member Profile Photo Lyndsie DeBonis
Lyndsie DeBonis
Lic#: 4209628
Lyndsie is just a small town girl, living in a big insurance world. When you work with Lyndsie you instantly feel like you are chatting with your best friend. And let's be honest, you are! With the warmth of a cozy blanket she can guide you through your different insurance needs and makes recommendations that best suit your life style. She is ready to quote your life insurance, health insurance, and business office insurance needs!
Team Member Profile Photo Melanie Yamada
Melanie Yamada
Lic#: 0K57141
Our resident baker knows not only knows how to decorate the most amazingly yummy cookies but can bake the right insurance coverage for you. If you are looking for an auto insurance, renter's insurance, umbrella insurance package, let Melanie know. She loves helping out and is quick. On weekdays she is slinging the phone but on weekends you can find her in the kitchen.
Team Member Profile Photo Roy Coleman
Roy Coleman
Lic#: 0L15303
Our chef, Roy, loves to cook up some yummy meals. When he is not in the kitchen, he is preparing insurance plans to fit each person's needs. He can quote up a whole meal of auto insurance, home insurance and umbrella coverage. He also knows life insurance and how to find the right coverage to fit your family's needs.
Team Member Profile Photo Ryan Vasquez
Ryan Vasquez
Lic#: 0K61010
Ryan, our Spanish speaker, is here to take care of your auto insurance and home insurance needs. He loves to talk sports...just stick with hockey as he is originally from LA. He provides free auto insurance quotes and free renter's insurance quotes. Call him today for a complimentary insurance review!
Team Member Profile Photo Taylor Childers
Taylor Childers
Lic#: 4075265
Team Member Profile Photo Tyler Chapman
Tyler Chapman
Lic#: 4175302
After spending 18+ years as a finance executive, he has seen the light and joined his wife Emily in the insurance business. He is originally from Montana and loves hitting the slopes, coaching youth sports, spending time with his family and traveling. Please reach out to Tyler for a personalized insurance analysis.

Agent's Credentials and Licenses:



Life Insurance and annuities are issued by State Farm Life Insurance Company. (Not Licensed in MA, NY, and WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in New York and Wisconsin) Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois.

Pet insurance products are underwritten in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company and ZPIC Insurance Company, 6100-4th Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98108. Administered by Trupanion Managers USA, Inc. (CA license No. 0G22803, NPN 9588590). Terms and conditions apply, see full policy on Trupanion's website for details. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates, neither offer nor are financially responsible for pet insurance products. State Farm is a separate entity and is not affiliated with Trupanion or American Pet Insurance. 

Pre-existing conditions: If you currently have a pet medical insurance policy, switching carriers or purchasing a new policy may affect certain provisions such as coverages for pre-existing conditions or deductibles already established under your current policy. Let your State Farm® agent know if your existing policy has provisions that might make it beneficial for you to keep. 

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