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General Account Maintenance Forms

General Account Maintenance Forms

Mutual Fund Account Application [PDF-1.1MB] Download and complete this form to open an account today.

Investor Account Services Form [PDF-1.4MB] Fill out this form to make changes to the following account services: address changes, automatic investments, capital gain and dividend distribution options, systematic withdrawals and telephone/Internet privileges.

Non Tax-Qualified Transfer/Liquidation Request Form Fill out this form for each non tax-qualified account you'd like to transfer/cash out. Do not use this form to transfer retirement accounts.

Non Tax-Qualified Exchange or Redemption Request [PDF-70.6KB] This form is used to request a one-time exchange or redemption from your non tax-qualified account. This form should NOT be used for Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, ESA or MSA accounts. If used for these account types, the exchange or redemption will not be made.

Designation of Transfer on Death (TOD) Beneficiary Form [PDF-1.3MB] Use this form to designate a transfer on death beneficiary on your mutual fund account. (Not used for IRAs – see Retirement Forms section.)

Power of Attorney (POA)/Trading [PDF-72.5KB] This form is used to notify SFVPMC of a POA situation in which you will hold discretionary authority over a securities account on behalf of the account owner.

Corporate/Organization Resolution Form [PDF-1.4MB] Fill out this form to name individuals authorized to act on behalf of your corporation, organization or partnership.

Letter of Direction – Mutual Funds Customer Request [PDF-454.1KB] If there isn't a specific form listed for a request, fill out this letter of direction to make a transaction on your mutual fund account. A signature guarantee is required.

Non-Tax Qualified Change of Ownership [PDF-199.3KB] This form is used to transfer Non-Tax Qualified funds from one State Farm Mutual Fund account to another State Farm Mutual Fund account. This form should not be used for Tax Qualified Accounts (IRA, ESA or MSA) or the transfer of funds outside of State Farm Mutual Funds®.

Name Change Form [PDF-38.1KB] Please complete this form in order to request a name change on your account.

Trusted Individual Form [PDF-35.8KB] This form should be used to add a Trusted Individual to your account.

Change of Trustee Form [PDF-1.1MB] This form is used to request Trustee changes on Trust Accounts.

Change of Custodian Form [PDF-1000.1KB] This form should be used to change the Responsible Individual on custodian accounts.

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