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Forms and Tax Document

State Farm ® 529 Savings Plans Forms

Review and discuss with State Farm registered representative before opening an account.

Download and complete with help from a State Farm registered representative.

Request a direct rollover from another 529 Plan or Coverdell Education Savings Account.

529 Plan Account Information Change Form 

Update existing information (name, address, phone number, successor account owner information) or transfer assets to a new account owner.

Change the beneficiary on an existing plan or transfer a portion of the account assets to a new beneficiary's account.

Make an additional contribution to a State Farm 529 Savings Plan.

Request a full or partial Qualified or Non-Qualified Withdrawal from your State Farm 529 Savings Plan, or an indirect rollover out.

529 Plan Account Investment Option Change Form

Request an investment option change (allowed twice per calendar year) or change future contribution allocations.

Start, change, or stop payroll direct deposit instructions on your existing State Farm 529 Savings Plan.

529 Plan Account Features 

Start, change, or stop automatic bank transfers or add or change bank information for electronic contributions.

529 Plan Account Limited Power of Attorney

Designate an individual, corporation, or other entity as your agent with limited authority to act on your Plan.

529 Plan Account Organization Resolution

Identifies the officers or other persons who are authorized to conduct transactions on State Farm 529 Savings Plan Account(s) on behalf of an organization.

529 Plan Account Power of Attorney

Designate an individual, corporation, or other entity as your agent with complete authority to act on your Plan.

529 Plan Privacy Statement

Tax Forms

Read through this summary to learn more about tax forms.

Dividends, Capital Gains, and Foreign Taxes Information 

This document contains information about dividends, capital gains, and foreign taxes.

Overview of Mutual Funds Taxation 

This document will provide you basic information about taxation on mutual funds.

Cost Basis 

Correctly determining the cost basis of your shares is important for properly calculating your capital gain or loss for your federal income tax return. This document provides information about cost basis.

Retail Tax Tables

Use these tables when preparing your income tax returns.

Use these tables when preparing your income tax returns.

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