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These mutual fund resources and tools can help you make critical decisions

We offer a number of fund resources and tools that can help you work towards reaching your investment goals.

Guide to asset allocation

Check out our Guide to Asset Allocation to gain a better understanding of the importance of diversification and asset allocation.

Buying the Dividend or Capital Gain Distribution and Wash Sales

Both capital gains and dividend income are sources of profit for shareholders and create possible tax liabilities for investors. Here' s a look at the differences and what they mean in terms of investments and taxes paid.


Use our calculators to calculate how much you'll need for retirement, compare Roth and Traditional IRAs, and more.


Want a clearer understanding of mutual funds and investing terms? Look them up in our glossary.

Prospectus and reports

Tax Center

To help you prepare your taxes, we've provided a variety of resources and articles to answer your questions.



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