Budgeting Help for Spenders

so that we can help make handling your personal finances a whole lot easier.

Budgeting Help for Spenders

Chapter 4: Current Spending Habits 

Figuring out what to budget requires some insights into your current spending habits. This exercise helps you identify where your money is going so you can plan for where you want it to go. The Budgeting 101 Worksheet offers an outline that guides you through finding where your money is spent. 

Watch the video to build a better understanding, then start filling out the worksheet

Video Transcript

Write Out Your Budget

Whether you use an app, computer, or pen and paper, choose a budgeting system that works for you. Start by recording where you’re spending money. From there, compare how you’re currently spending to how you need to spend based on your aspirations and goals

Budgeting Tip: Look closely for spending that’s out of alignment, typically you’ll find these within your variable expenses.

Your Chapter 4 Checklist:

  • Watch the Current Spending Habits video
  • Download the Budgeting 101 Worksheet
  • Put pen to paper and write out your budget

Budgeting 101 - Chapter 5: Changing Spending Habits Next Step

Simple Money Saving Tips  
Examine how you’re spending money and compare it your goals to help meet your aspiration.