Learn more about Homeowners insurance and some tips for maintaining your home, apartment and condo

No matter if you're buying, selling or maintaining a home, apartment, or condo, State Farm® can help keep you on track with these tips.

Insurance tips for your home, apartment or condo

Can you really save if you choose to bundle insurance?

It’s more than likely. And savings aren’t the only advantage of bundling insurance.

What is homeowners insurance and what does it cover?

After investing in your home, it's important to have it insured properly. What are all the policy coverages, forms and exclusions?

How do I know how much renters insurance to buy?

Tips to help choose accurate, appropriate limits for your personal property and liability coverage.

Maintenance tips for your home

Appliance maintenance to-dos for your home

Each of your home's appliances and systems may function better with regular maintenance.

Summer home maintenance checklist

Check out these interior and exterior home maintenance tips to consider while the weather is warm.

Reduce your home’s carbon footprint with solutions for a more sustainable home

State Farm® teams up with WattBuy to calculate your home carbon footprint and find renewable energy options in your area.

Tips for buying and selling a home

What is private mortgage insurance?

Depending on your down payment, private mortgage insurance (PMI) may be required. We walk you through PMI basics.

House hunting

Do your homework when starting the house hunting search.

Tips for renters

Renters guide: Are you ready to rent?

A guide to renting an apartment to help you understand what you and your landlord are responsible for.

Does renters insurance cover hotel stay and other unexpected questions

Most people know renters insurance covers their space. But what about its other perks? We review additional protections it may provide.

The lease signing process: What you need to know

Make sure you ask the landlord-tenant questions before signing a lease and moving in.

Tips for condo and unitowners

Condo insurance basics

Condo insurance coverage works in tandem with the condo association’s master policy. Learn how they work together to help protect you and your stuff.

How to decide if buying a condo is right for you

Weigh the pros and cons before you make the big decision.

Energy savings

Smart home energy savings

Check out these ideas for how to save on energy bills and use less.

Energy saving tips for winter

Look at these tips to save money on winter energy expenses and help winterize your home wherever you live.

Tips for downsizing

Pros and Cons of Downsizing

There are unexpected benefits of downsizing your home, but there may be advantages to staying put, too. What experts recommend is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Downsizing From House to Condo

If you're moving from a bigger home to a smaller one, figure out whether downsizing from house to condo or downsizing to a smaller home is right for you.

Tips around manufactured homes

Manufactured homes: How safe are you?

When it comes to wind and safety, how does your manufactured home rate?

Buying modern manufactured homes

Buying a manufactured or modular home can be confusing, but understanding the types, differences and what to look for helps.

Prevention tips

Wildfire Defense Systems

A proactive approach for limiting the potential damage of a disaster.

What causes household mold?

Here are ways to cleanup and prevent household mold.

How to select the right safe for you

Home safes are available in a variety of types and have ratings to indicate how secure they are. Read on to select the best type for your needs.

Why cleaning your chimney is important

Fireplace safety begins with proper care.

The importance of fire extinguishers and types

Every home should have fire extinguishers that are designed for each type of fire.

Weather related articles

Weatherproofing: How to prepare for a heat wave

As the summer approaches, it’s critical to consider how to prepare for extreme heat. We’ll discuss heat safety tips for your home and vehicle.

Staying safe in a hailstorm

Hail can cause injury and damage your home and possessions. Here's how to prepare.

Whole house water leak detection systems

Learn how to help prevent costly water damage and the different water leak detection systems with automatic shutoff valves available on the market today.


Calculate how long to pay off a Home Equity Line of Credit

You can also enter other monthly payment amounts and recalculate to see how it adjusts the months to pay off your loan.

Are you better off paying down debt or investing?

Pay off what you owe, or invest the money and let it grow? This online tool may help.

Calculate your savings plan for a large purchase

Decide the best payment scheme to reach your goal amount using this online tool.

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