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Tips to help prepare for and recover from tornadoes

Shelter From the Storm

If you live in an area prone to severe weather, consider the protection of a safe room.

Pay Attention to Straight-Line Winds

How to stay safe from these winds that can severely damage homes, landscapes, and people.

Tips for Surviving Severe Storms

Be prepared for the storm, from minimizing damage to your property to prepping your emergency kit.

Plan Ahead with

Learn how to stay informed and what to do before, during and after a tornado.

When severe weather looms, make sure your home is prepared for a power failure.

Hail can cause injury and damage your home and possessions. Here's how to prepare.

Safety tips to help your severe wind emergency planning.

Whether you're buying a home with one or thinking of installing, here's what to know.

Make sure your childcare provider has the information to keep your kids their safest.

The pros and cons of three types of safe rooms that can help protect your family during severe weather.

Help kids understand what to expect in severe weather.

Generator safety tips for when you need a portable generator to provide temporary power to your home.

A few helpful things homeowners should keep in mind for home insurance reviews.

A home inventory can expedite insurance claims process after theft, damage, or loss.

A home inventory lists everything you own, with each item's value.

Should you insure your home at replacement cost or market value? How to decide.

From smart ways to ask for a referral to how to find out about local certifications, you'll want to see these handy tips.

Protect your money and your house from home repair scams by learning these red flags.

Create a business natural disaster plan to protect your employees, secure assets and resume operations.

Know how to deal after a thunderstorm, tornado or hurricane has passed through.