Get in gear with these auto insurance, driving, and maintenance tips

Whether you're a new or seasoned driver, State Farm® has car insurance, maintenance and safe driving articles full of tips to make sure you're prepared for the open road.

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Tips to help stay safe while driving

Use less gas with these fuel efficiency tips

Regardless of the vehicle you drive, these techniques may help you save gas.

Time to break these bad driving habits

Avoid dangerous driving situations with these tips.

Defensive driving tips

Defensive driving tips can help drivers take on the road safely

Tips for insuring your car, truck or SUV

Can you really save if you choose to bundle insurance?

It’s more than likely. And savings aren’t the only advantage of bundling insurance.

What affects car insurance rates?

Know the factors affecting car insurance premiums and learn ways to help lower insurance costs.

Why are auto insurance rates going up?

Reasons behind rising car insurance premiums and ways to help manage them.

Helpful tips for buying or selling a car, truck or SUV

Things to consider when buying a car

Trade-ins, payments, purchase price and down payments: These essential elements of how to buy a car can help you find the right one for your needs and wants.

How to buy a car online

Internet sales of cars are booming. Here's how to securely buy a car online.

Vehicle maintenance and repair tips

Simple tips for owning and maintaining a car

On the road or in the garage, there are simple things you can do to maintain your car.

What to do if your car is recalled

Consider the following information on how to handle vehicle safety recalls.

Car fire: What to do if it happens to you

Car fires don't happen frequently, but when they do, they're a potentially deadly emergency. Learn what to do when you experience a vehicle fire.

Maintenance and driving tips for bad weather

Hail damage: How to spot it on your car and home and what to do

Hail can wreak havoc on your car. Here's how to spot hail damage on a car, fix it and prevent costly hail damage.

Driving in fog

It's never ideal to drive in dense or heavy fog. Here are tips for when you have to keep driving.

What to do if your car has flood damage

If your car was partially submerged in floodwater, follow our checklist for assessing flood damage afterwards.

Information about advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

Latest car safety features becoming must haves

Today's new cars are packed with safety features. But which are most important?

New car features when buying a car

Choosing a car can take some time. Here are some car features to consider when you are looking to buy a vehicle.

Preventing backovers and rearview safety

Here are some ways to help stop this scenario from happening to you.

Tips to help teach your teen to drive

Ways to help with teen driving safety

Here are tips to help your teen avoid crashes and stay safe on the road.

Tips to avoid drinking and driving

Drinking and driving can result in serious injury, fatality, damage and legal ramifications. Protect yourself from the dangers of drinking and driving.

Teen passenger safety

Talk to your young driver about passenger safety and learn some tips to help keep teen drivers and their passengers safe while in the car.

Tips on motorcycle insurance, purchasing, safety, and maintenance

Why is motorcycle insurance cheap?

The cost of motorcycle insurance can vary depending on the coverage you select.

Motorcycle maintenance: spring checklist

Consider these tips to help get your bike in top shape for riding season.

How to sell a motorcycle

Whether you're selling a motorcycle now or perhaps you're just thinking about it, here are some tips that can help when you're ready to sell it.

Tips for when you want to ride on and off the beaten path

Snowmobile riding tips for beginners

Learn how to be prepared and stay safe when you hit the trails this winter.

Best practices for first time jet ski riders

Jet ski tips for your first time on the water.

ATV safety tips

Taking the proper ATV safety steps can help keep you and your family safe while you enjoy your riding experience.

Boat insurance, maintenance and safety tips for boat owners

Boating safety tips

Help stay safe on the water by being prepared with these boat safety tips.

Boat trailer safety

Boat trailer safety includes choosing the proper trailer and towing vehicle, following proper hitching procedures and learning safe driving techniques.

Boat insurance basics: What's covered

Learn about boat insurance and what the coverage may mean for you.

Helpful tips for RV owners

What to know before buying an RV

Deciding which Recreational Vehicle (RV) is right for you can take some time, but understanding your options can help.

This RV travel checklist helps you pack for your trip

Get stocked up and prepared when an old-fashioned RV road trip is in your future.

RV roof maintenance tips to help protect your vacation vehicle

Consider making this rundown of cleaning, protection and inspection part of your routine.

As you get ready to travel, we have some tips

Driving to Mexico

Are you thinking of crossing the border to Mexico for vacation? Before packing your things, get a head start with these tips below.

Tips to plan for an affordable vacation

Whether you're keeping a detailed budget or just estimating, the major expenses to consider for most vacations are listed here along with tips to save money on these choices.

How to road trip with dogs or cats

Traveling with a dog or cat? Here are tips to consider when driving with pets.

Auto calculators to help make it all add up

Calculate whether to buy or lease a car

Enter the details of the purchase and lease options to help decide if buying or leasing a car is right for you.

Calculate the best choice: New car rebate or special financing

Is it the best move to go with the special dealer financing? This online tool can help you find out.

Should I finance a car or pay cash for it?

This auto calculator could help you find out what might be the best move for you.

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