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Auto insurance, driving, & maintenance tips for your vehicle

Important Winter Car Care Tips

Keep your car running smoothly in the winter months.

Teen Driving 101: A Step-by-Step Test of Essential Driving Skills

Before letting your teenager get behind the wheel, go over this driver skills checklist.

8 Quick Steps to Take if Your Gas Pedal Sticks

How to react if malfunctions or external interferences cause unintended acceleration.

Safe Driving

Try these eco-driving tricks , whether you're looking to increase fuel economy to save money or the environment.

Car fires don't happen frequently, but when they do, they're a potentially deadly emergency. Learn what to do when you experience a vehicle fire.

If your car was partially submerged in floodwater, follow our checklist for assessing flood damage afterwards.

Texting while driving is not the only problem - drivers are increasingly using mobile web services.

Car Insurance

Unlike new vehicles, antique cars appreciate in value, so their insurance differs.

Experts predict that putting software in charge of vehicles will impact safety, city planning, and the economy.

Why auto insurance rates are going up.

Have you checked your vehicle’s battery? Read this article to learn about your battery and how to change it.

Teen Driving

A step-by-step guide to jump-starting a car battery.

Understand your new coverage needs when becoming a rideshare driver.

Assisted-driving features are on the rise, but these technologies can't drive for you.

Why auto insurance rates are going up.

Bad Weather Driving

Car insurance fraud is costing us all. Look out for common types and learn how to help combat the issue.

Winter driving conditions can turn treacherous in an instant. Here are some tips to prepare your vehicle.

Clearing windshields might help increase driving visibility

Many drivers are unaware of this slippery winter road culprit. Here's how to prepare.

Car Maintenance

Sun protection is important to keeping your vehicle in ship shape. Here's how to do it.

Assess your surroundings when choosing a parking spot to avoid a dent or scratch.

Roughly 200,000 crashes each year are caused by texting drivers, but most teens don't see the danger in it.

Learn how to be prepared and stay safe when you hit the trails this winter.

Boats & RVs

Some handy tips on what to do if your motorcycle won't start.

Keep your car running smoothly in the winter months.

Navigate the auto repair process with confidence.

Tips to prepare your bike for winter storage so you can be ready to roll next season.


Learn about preventive auto maintenance, and how it can help your car — and bottom line.

Taking an approved boat safety course may net you an insurance discount.

Help stay safe on the water by making sure you're prepared.

Looking to sell your bike? Here are some things to consider.

Buying & Selling

There are a few things to consider when buying an RV.

How to help protect yourself and smooth the way to buying a vehicle from a private seller.

Stay safe on the road and help avoid the risk of accidents by following these tips.

Do your research and know what's different when it comes to safety when you have a passenger on your bike.


Anti-lock brakes aren't just for cars. Find out how this braking technology can save you from losing control of your bike.

Consider these five things before making the switch to electric.

Consider these tips before buying a car.

Learn what to do and what risks to avoid.

Auto Calculators

Tips to help decide whether to buy or to lease a car

Enter the details of the purchase and lease options and see which one looks best.

Choosing a new car rebate or better deal on financing

If buyers take a rebate incentive, will it grow to be more than is saved with low interest?

Calculating How Soon to Buy Your Next Auto

Hold on to your car longer, or sell and buy a new one? This tool helps you decide.

Tips to help decide which auto loan is the better deal

Compare two auto loans by filling in their specifics and see the best way to go.

A Multiple Line Discount Can Save You Up to 22%

This Multi-Auto Discount Saves Up to 20%

Drive Safe & Save Can Reward Your Good Driving Habits

Do You Qualify For An Accident-Free Discount?

Mobile Apps