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Stay Connected to Your Home, Wherever You Go

Pretend You Are Home and More Ways to Deter Burglary

Theft happens, so try these affordable ways to increase security and protect your home.

13 Ways to Protect Your Home When You Travel

Prevent your house from becoming a target with tips for security during vacation.

How to pick a door lock - and be sure it's secure.

Installing the best door lock for your home provides a solid first line of protection.

The wrong hinge style can leave your house vulnerable to burglary. Here are other options.

Help your children understand credit so they can build healthy financial habits.

The types of home alarm systems and how their features improve your home security.

Keep your home safe and secure. Home winterization tips for Snowbirds to help prevent damage and theft.

Make sure you're prepared for any emergency or danger with these supplies.

When you're home or away, these home burglary prevention ideas preserve security.

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