College articles to help you plan, save and pay for college

Planning for college should begin long before you start to apply. Learn how to prepare and pay for college with college planning tips from State Farm®.

Tips to help save for college

FAFSA® facts families need to know

Get the financial aid facts on this free application process.

Ways to save for college and the average costs

Learn ways you can start saving for college now such as 529, Coverdell & Uniform Gift to Minors as well as the average cost of college.

Strategies to Save for College

When thinking about paying for college there are various choices to consider such as savings accounts, 529 plans, or U.S. Treasury security.

Insurance tips for college students

Helpful car insurance tips for college students

When your child goes away to a college and leaves their car behind, there are options to lower your insurance premiums while they're away.

Insurance and other tips for college students and their belongings

Understand how your homeowners insurance policy could protect your college student and their belongings while they're living in a residence hall or dorm room.

Tips around college life

Money and college: Mistakes students make with finances

We review financial advice for college students and detail how to avoid common pitfalls.

How to plan for college visits

Narrowing down your choices and developing a budget can help you keep costs down.

Choosing the Right College: How to Help Your Child Decide

How can you help your high school graduate take the next step on their education path? Four parameters help you jump-start the conversation.

Repaying college debt

What is public service loan forgiveness?

If you enter public service, you may qualify to have part of your school loan waived.

How to pay off student loans quickly

Learn ways to make repaying student loans more manageable.

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