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Family Living Tips

Creative Ways to Fit In Volunteer Opportunities

Discover how to work volunteering into an already-busy schedule.

Kid-Friendly Volunteer Opportunities

Help your kids find their volunteering passion.

Life 101: Preparing for a Baby

Put these to-dos on your list to get ready for a baby.


Thieves use children's information for credit fraud, so don't let it go undiscovered

Bring a friend and volunteer for causes that matter to you.

Look beyond your own block with these ways to show you care.

Don't avoid early conversations about budget and savings. It could prove costly later.


Pointers for preparing the big feast without endangering your family and guests.

Make toddler travel easy and stress-free with these tricks.

Are you washing your hands right and at the right times? If not, bacteria could multiply.

A few easy steps can prevent potentially fatal accidents and keep your kids safer at home.


With the growth of social media, it’s important to proactively keep yourself safe and your account and private information secure.

With many ways for children to pick up pesticides, here are some tips to avoid them.

Outdoor play can cause injuries. Learn trampoline safety and more ways to play safer.

Here's what parents and children need to know.


Help kids understand what to expect in severe weather.

Help children set goals for their money to set up a lifetime of good financial habits.

Once the last stage is crossed and cap is thrown, real life begins. Here's what you'll learn.

Between identity theft and cyberbullying, steer your teen away from Internet dangers with this guide to online safety.


Consider these tips to stay safe online and prevent identity theft.

Help keep your connected home protected with these home security tips. Learn more from State Farm.

Protect yourself and your data with research, quality passwords, and safe web practices.

Dos and don'ts for smoothly navigating the most convenient and popular banking method.

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Stay Safe and Connected with Smart Home Discounts

Discounts For Good Students Up to 25%

Do You Qualify For An Accident-Free Discount?

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