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Car Seat SafetySeven out of 10 parents misuse their car seats. If you're not sure you're doing it right, get your car seat checked by an expert.Find a Safe Kids event

Keeping your children safe in the car just got easier

Buying the Best Car Seat

One of Your Most Important Parental Purchases: The life-saving car seat.

Installing Car Seats Properly Could Help Save Lives

Learn how installing and using car seats properly helps keep your child safe.

The Right Car Seat at the Right Time Can Save a Life

Learn which seat to use when and keep your child safer.

Partners for Child Passenger Safety

State Farm®, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the University of Pennsylvania formed a unique research collaboration that saved untold children's lives.

When traveling with baby, your driving style may change and you'll need to prepare.

Manufacturers recall millions of vehicles each year. Here's what to do if you get one.

Five modern safety features in cars can help prevent accidents.

Safety belt adjustments, plus more safe driving tips for when you're driving for two.

When cars slip on frozen roads in winter, many drivers get a little help from ESC.

Put these to-dos on your list to get ready for a baby.

This video will show you how to handle an unexpected vehicle breakdown.

It's never ideal to drive in dense fog. Here are tips for when you have to keep driving.

A little pre-trip planning can go a long way toward making your family's road trip safe and memorable.

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