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The free Ting offer continues to help keep policyholders safe

State Farm® offers fire safety technology for the home.

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According to the Electrical Safety Foundation (ESF), on a yearly basis, electrical fires account for about 51,000 home fires, cause around 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries and are responsible for about $1.3 billion in property damage losses. ESF states that electrical arcing faults cause over 28,000 home fires each year that kill and injure hundreds of people. What can be done by homeowners to help mitigate potential electrical fire risks?

Our Ting service was provided as a benefit by State Farm and we are very pleased. Ting detected arcing in one of our outlets, and a few quick tests isolated the bad outlet. We replaced it and found burn marks and melted plastic on the bad outlet. We rarely use that particular outlet so never noticed any issues, but we are very happy to have this fire hazard eliminated. Thank you, Ting!”

Ray 12/19/2023

Ting electrical sensor overview

In 2020, State Farm and Whisker Labs, the Maryland based technology company that invented Ting, began to offer Ting devices to qualified policyholders to help prevent electrical fires — and is now available through State Farm in 45 states.1 As of March 2024, State Farm has provided over 669,000 Ting sensors to policyholders.

Ting is on the job 24/7, providing fire safety technology, to help protect your family and home! Customers simply download the app and plug the Ting sensor into an unused home outlet. The sensor monitors your home electrical system and devices/appliances connected to it for hazards by measuring electromagnetic data and alerts you to abnormalities which, if left unattended, could lead to electrical sparks and fires.

I immediately learned about the hazard when I was alerted by the Ting team. The Ting team scheduled an electrician to come fix and resolve my issue, and it didn’t cost me a cent.”

Tonia 11/23/2023

Detect hazards before losses occur

Ting devices have helped State Farm policyholders avoid potential losses over 8,000 times! Over half the hazards were determined in wiring or with plugged in devices.

As a result of the continuous monitoring in the large network of Ting monitored homes, there has also been increased detection of in-home hazards with origins outside the home stemming from the local electric utility grid. The ability to capture anomalies outside of the home and involve utility companies early allows Ting to help protect entire communities and not just individual customers.

This monitor has just helped not just my house but my whole neighborhood. I was the only house to call with the problem, but they took it seriously and fixed the problem. I'm REALLY glad I have this monitor, thank you very much for supplying it to me and giving me this peace of mind.”

Loretta 7/7/2023

Enroll today!

To be eligible for a Ting device, participating customers must have an active State Farm non-tenant homeowners insurance policy in a participating state. Policyholders should also have a smart phone or tablet and a dedicated outlet for the sensor with Wi-Fi coverage in the home.

Eligible customers in participating states can enroll from the State Farm Ting Fire Safety page. 

General questions/answers can be found at State Farm Ting Fire Safety FAQ.

1The State Farm Ting program is currently unavailable in AK, DE, NC, SD and WY. To be eligible for this offer, you must have a State Farm non-tenant homeowners, condominium unit owners, manufactured home, or farm and ranch policy from State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, State Farm Lloyds or State Farm Florida Insurance Company. Limited supplies in participating states.

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