Attention teen drivers: Buckle up for seat belt safety

How you can help your teens make seat belt safety a habit.

Teen driver learning about seat belt safety

Teens often fail to wear seat belts

Teenagers are often the most inexperienced drivers on the road and using a seat belt should be a high priority. However, teenagers are the biggest non-users of seatbelts – about 43% of teenagers don't buckle up every time they drive. The CDC found in 2019 that only a little more than half wear a seat belt when riding in a car as a passenger. Some common excuses teenagers gave for not wearing a seatbelt are:

  • I forgot.
  • I wasn't even going that far.
  • Seat belts are uncomfortable.
  • I don't want to ruin my clothes.
  • I want to sleep.

Seat belt facts

Discussing with your teenager the dangers of not wearing a seat belt will help them understand the importance of always buckling up. Your teenager should know:

Teach your teen to buckle up

Setting a good example about seat belt use is even more important than talking with your teenager. You can be an example by:

  • Always wearing your seat belt: Be a role model – yes they are watching.
  • Creating the habit: Require everyone to buckle up before starting the car.
  • Leaving reminders: Put a sticky note next to the ignition.
  • Knowing the law: Discuss your state's seat belt laws and fines.
  • Giving them the facts: Share how seat belts have proven to save lives.
  • Making it a Rule: Revoke privileges for seat belt misuse.

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