Volunteer ideas: 12 months of giving

Start with one volunteer idea each month for 12 full months of community impact.

Volunteering is very much on the minds — and on the calendars — of Americans. More than 30% of Americans, or 77.3 million people, volunteered with an organization in 2018. However, that doesn't include informal volunteering — those small acts of kindness for friends, family and strangers or even just favors for neighbors.

If you expand your view of giving, you'll come up with even more ways to make your community better this year — one neighbor or organization at a time. Use this list of monthly volunteer ideas to stitch together 12 months of giving. The result is 12 months of community impact that can change the world around you. (Download the printable 12 Months of Giving ideas to keep this front and center at home.)

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