The effects of too much screen time and how to reduce adverse effects on children's health

Too much TV, computer, phone and game time can have plenty of negative effects for kids.

Minimizing screen time can help reduce adverse effects on children's health.

What counts as screen time?

Any sedentary activity in front of a screen counts, and multiple types of screen time can add up to 7 hours daily, not counting time spent at school or for homework:

  • Watching television
  • Working/playing on a computer
  • Playing video games
  • Using a smartphone or tablet

Too much screen time is becoming an epidemic:

Screen time has been linked with a number of negative effects on children

Childhood obesity

Lack of sleep

Problems in school

Physical consequences

  • Pain in fingers, wrists, neck and back
  • Narrowed eye blood vessels

How can you help fix the problem?

Follow the American Academy of Pediatrics' guidelines for screen time:

  • Age 2 and under: None - toddlers learn best by interacting with people, not screens.
  • Young children and teens: 1-2 hours per day of high-quality content.
  • Keep TVs and computers outside the bedroom.
  • Restrict computer time during homework and TV time during meals.
  • Use limited screen time as a reward for being active or reading a book.
  • Set a smartphone curfew.
  • Decrease your own screen time to set an example.
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