About Next Door®

About Next Door

Next Door - State Farm

You learn from us. We learn from you. We're all better for it.

Next Door® is a community of people helping each other make progress on things like starting businesses, learning new job skills, and especially improving people’s finances. Since State Farm launched Next Door in 2011, our Financial Coaches have worked with thousands of individuals to help them be just a little smarter about the stuff they do with money.

Coaches aren't just experts in money and insurance, they spend a lot of time listening and collaborating with people to take action on super practical things ranging from financial basics like budgets, credit and debt to more advanced topics like saving for retirement and planning for families.

We do it because we believe that strengthening an individual’s fiscal fitness leads to stronger, healthier communities. Not to mention healthier, happier individuals.  We want you to be able to save up for that dream vacation and feel good about your financial future.

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Live in Chicago? Next Door offers free, in-person education at their store-front community space and café in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. Stop by for a one-on-one coaching session, community class or a coffee. Visit Next Door to learn more.