How to meet people in a new city

A new community is full of opportunities that could change your life.

State Farm® understands moving to a new community isn't always easy, and we're here to help with moving tips from State Farm Agent Jose Martinez. Jose immigrated to Brentwood, California from Mexico 50 years ago, so he knows a thing or two about making a new community feel like home — like how to find new opportunities.

We introduced Jose to new Brentwood resident Gabriel, so Jose could share his story, and his wisdom, with a new neighbor.

I moved. Now what?

Whether you've moved because of a job, your family or just to get a fresh start, you're already following new opportunities. But why get comfortable and stop there? Becoming a part of a new community gives you the chance to grow, expand your horizons and follow a path you may not have even known you'd love.

So get out there and succeed in your community with these tips:

  • Meet new people. Like the saying goes, it's all about who you know. Take some time to meet your neighbors and people beyond your neighborhood too. The more diverse the backgrounds, the better.
  • Try new things. Join a local running group if you don't run. Start mountain biking if you don't bike. Join a book club if you're not a big reader. You could discover new passions you never knew you had or build on the things you love to do.
  • Look for ways to give back. Finding a cause that matters to you and giving your time or skills to make a difference can be a life-changing experience. Find ways to give back in your new community at Neighborhood of Good®.
  • Put yourself in new surroundings. If you've gotten comfortable with one coffee shop, try another. If you're a homebody, try to visit a new park, business or attraction in your community at least once a week. Open new doors, and life could surprise you.
  • Keep an eye on job opportunities. Even if you've moved for a new job, other career opportunities could be an even better fit as you learn more about yourself and your goals as time goes on.

Proactively make opportunities to socialize

Find unique ways to spend your free time by getting out and about. Socialize and make new friends. This will make a huge difference and open new opportunities. Here are some ideas for socializing:

  • Take your dog to a dog park. People like to talk about their pets and dog parks might be a good place to meet people in your new community.
  • Join coworkers for after-hours activities. If you work and your co-workers invite you out, be open-minded to the possibilities.
  • Start that hobby you've been putting off. Dancing or an exercise class, joining a gym, painting classes or learning a new language might present opportunities to socialize.
  • Sign up for continuing education. Classes about computers, photography or gardening, among other things, may allow you to meet new people.
  • Attend community events. Local community events like paint night, farmers' markets or trivia are a great way to get familiar with your new environment and might give you a chance to be social.
  • Shop local businesses. This will also allow you to support and learn about your new community.
  • Join a book club. If you're an avid reader, perhaps a book club will be an exciting way to continue with a passion you already have and meet fellow readers.
  • Attend a supper club. As you get to know people, have them over for a get together and, who knows, maybe a supper club will form.
  • Take in the culture of the new city. Art exhibits, music festivals or craft events are fun to attend and might give you opportunities to make new friends.

As you get settled in your new community, always keep your eyes and ears open for new experiences and opportunities. In return, your new environment can feel like home.

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