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Information to include on auto insurance applications

The process of applying for car insurance may seem challenging, but it can become easier when approached with precision and care to avoid mistakes.

The importance of accurate information

It's understandable to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information required for auto insurance applications. Some applicants might unintentionally leave out critical details which can contribute to a rise in insurance costs. This may negatively impact rates for all policyholders. Providing precise information is not only beneficial for you but also for the broader insurance community. Some details to include when you apply for car insurance are listed below.

Identify all drivers

Remember to list all individuals driving your car in the application — including young drivers and adults, and their driving history to include any tickets and/or accidents as requested. Doing so can help save you money in the long run by preventing possible increased premiums or adverse policy action.

Acknowledge all vehicle owners

It's important to include all vehicle owners on the application. This measure helps ensure you get the appropriate car insurance coverage in case of a covered claim.

Disclose vehicle ownership

It is important to share vehicle ownership information with your insurance company when deciding the appropriate named insured(s) to list on a policy.

List where your vehicle is garaged

The location where you garage your car can impact your insurance quotes. By providing precise information about your car's parking location (when not in use such as at your home or business), you allow for more accurate insurance quotes.

Provide accurate mileage driven

Your insurer needs to have an accurate understanding of the mileage your vehicle is driven in order to properly assess your coverage needs.

Disclose business-related travel

Let your insurance provider know if your personal car is used for business purposes. If you forget to mention it to your insurance provider, it could result in a lack of coverage for accidents that occur while conducting your business, as per the policy language. Also, if you work for a rideshare service, you may want to inquire about any available endorsement(s)/coverages designed with that use in mind.

Disclose your traffic violations history

Accurate reporting of your traffic violation history, such as tickets or accidents, helps avoid potential complications and can ensure transparency.

Update your policy regularly

Keep your insurance provider informed about any changes in your circumstances, such as a new job with a longer or shorter commute or adding another driver to your vehicle. Timely updates can help provide an appropriate rating for the policy.

Now that you’ve learned about important information to provide for your auto insurance policy, you might want to read about factors that affect car insurance premiums, tips for first time car insurance buyers or potential benefits of choosing to bundle insurance. And if you’re interested in car insurance, consider contacting a State Farm® agent.

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