Car with gas pumping into it.

Protect your vehicle from gas theft

Check out these gas theft prevention tips to help keep thieves from stealing fuel from your vehicle.

Thieves have found a new target: stealing gas from your vehicle. When the price of gas rises, so do the number of gas-theft incidents. Some thieves are taking large quantities from gas stations; others steal gasoline from vehicles. Here's how you can help protect your vehicle and your pocketbook:

  • Park in well-lit, well-traveled locations.
  • Park in your garage or driveway whenever possible. If you must park in the street, try to do so under street lighting near your home.
  • Avoid parking in public places for extended periods of time. For example, rather than leaving your car in the airport parking lot for a week, consider asking a friend or neighbor for a ride.
  • Position your vehicle so the fuel door is seen from a main road.
  • Consider installing a locking gas cap, even if your fuel door locks.

How to tell if someone is siphoning gas from a car

It can be difficult to tell if your gas has been siphoned. The best way to tell is to keep track of your fuel level before you leave your car and make sure the level hasn't changed when you return. If you do have a locking gas cap, there might be scratches or damage on it where thieves attempted to access and steal gas.

If you approach your car and smell gas or notice a puddle, you may want to take your car to a trusted repair shop for repairs. Occasionally, when thieves can't get gas through the fuel door, they may drill holes in the fuel tank or cut fuel lines.

Call 911 if you see suspicious behavior, such as someone putting a siphon into a gas tank or acting strangely around parked cars.

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