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From moving checklists to insurance, we're here to help.

Being a tenant is fun, but it's not light on responsibility. We're here to help you stay at the top of your renting game by offering some of the best tips, tools and advice around. So, make your move a little easier – you could even save some extra time and money. For questions about coverage or finances, don't hesitate calling your State Farm® agent.

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Helpful tips

Here are some great thoughts and ideas to help you be a good tenant and neighbor. Take a look and use what makes sense for you.

Complete Moving Checklist

Your complete checklist - made easy!!

Be Ready for Move-In Day

Before you move in, make sure you know all the necessary details around your move-in day.

Moving Insurance Basics

What is moving insurance and is it necessary for your move? Learn more here!

Moving: Packing Tips

Use these packing tips to strategically move your belongings with ease.

Welcoming the Neighbors

New home, new neighbors. Discover practices of good neighbors around the world.

Simple insights®

Check out Simple Insights for more tips and advice.

Create A To Do List For Moving Day

Create A To Do List For Moving Day

A to-do list for moving will ease the transition, making it less stressful and chaotic.

Moving? Don't Forget to Make Insurance Changes Too

Moving? Don't Forget to Make Insurance Changes Too

Before you move, you should move insurance by talking with your agent. Read why transferring insurance is so important.

Portable Moving Containers - Easier & Cheaper

Portable Moving Containers - Easier & Cheaper

Portable moving containers have many advantages and you can decide what's easiest and cheapest for you.

Things to think about

Whether you're protecting your belongings or planning your finances, we can help every step of the way.


Know your options and make smart choices regarding the protection of your stuff.

Financial services

We can help you stay on top of financial planning.

Senior care

Family always come first.  Keep an eye on your loved ones.

Securing your new place

Stay connected on the go with advanced safety and monitoring systems.


Get great features and benefits with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.